Relationship, Relationship, Relationship :

Why attachment matters... for just about everything.

* The time flew by, Anne was engaging and informative. Lots to discuss at school to ensure all staff have a deeper understanding; just how deep attachment can go.

* Amazing course and really helpful for putting it into practice at my school; learning about the parents and different cycles helpful; 

* This has really made me think further about how we collectively view all our children and about changing our expectations & demands

* Very open and honest; strategies  helpful

* Excellent course, very informative; attachment theory helpful

* Thank you very much Anne for a very informative and engaging training day

* Thank you so much for all of your own experiences, very brave and really thought provoking

* Fab course, really useful; understanding of behaviour linked to attachment helpful

Why Moving Matters: Supporting Early Years Development through Dance and Movement Play. 

 '...I wanted to thank you for a fantastic afternoon. What you provided was, to me complete gold! Everything you spoke about and touched on spoke to me on so many levels not just as a nursery officer but also as a physicall fitness coach and a personal trainer. Usually training days struggle to keep me engaged or spark my interest, most of the time they are ether motivational mumbo jumbo or worse a lengthly drawn out disection of the EYFS. Your training gave real value frankly I could have done with a whole week! The information was gold!'