Primed for Life are advocates for a wider understanding of the body as a child's first place of learning.

Primed for Life draws together Anne O’Connor’s and Anna Daly’s individual skills and experitise in education and movement and dance to raise awareness of the vital nature of the body as our first learning environment.

Together they offer training and creative residencies to early year settings, local authorities and parent groups across the country. Their training sessions are a mix of presentation, practical exploration and discussion highlighting the importance of movement and physical play in Early Years development. Anne and Anna not only make the science of physical development accessible but they enable  participants, through relaxed floor work, to get in touch with and build on their own physicality.


Primed for Life makes the science of physical development accessible.

You can read more about the underlying ideas informing their approach in the articles below, written by Anne and Anna for Nursery World.

“We have had some early years training in the past, but I can definitely vouch for this being the best we have had. We got to experience that which we were told about. The delivery flowed well and was well paced with enough time for delegates to interject without losing the flow. There was an openness which enabled people to ask if they needed clarification ."                       Dalcroze UK

Current Projects

Primed for Life have been working with TTS to produce a new physical development resource. Look out for the Move Well Play Well Be Well  kit boxes for B-3yrs, 3-4yrs and 4-5yrs. Available NOW! 



Primed for Life were very pleased to be involved  in '2-Curious' -  a pilot research project that is the first step in a partnership between MMU and Curious Minds, that looked at the potential of art-based practice in relation to pedagogic practice with two year olds.


The main aim was to start from an exploratory and speculative position, that explored pedagogical practice, and in particular arts-based practices rooted in movement and performance. The pilot documented two workshops/performance pieces aimed at two year olds. Primed for Life were delighted to be working with Newtown Nursery School and Early Years Centre, Colne, on this project. 


And our collaboration with Newtown Nursery School and Early Years Centre continues into 2019 with the SLICE project (Specialist Leaders in Cultural Education ) again supported and managed by Curious Minds. This project will support Head Teacher Tara to work with Primed for Life to support cultural education in her own school and across the alliance.