Latest News 

 New Publication 'Moving Right from the Start'- Anne is a contributor to this publication from the Pre School Learning Alliance which offers 'a wealth of playful, practical ideas, indoors and out, to support essential physical development'.  

 Project '2-Curious'- Primed for Life were very pleased to be involved  in '2-Curious' -  a pilot research project that is the first step in a partnership between MMU and Curious Minds, that will look at the potential of art-based practice in relation to pedagogic practice with two year olds.

Nursery World monthly poster series-  Anne has developed a series of posters for Nursery World 'A Child's World'.The series of posters ‘A Child’s World’ is designed to trigger connection and curiosity in young children, and provide a useful resource for ensuring your learning environment reflects diversity and equality”.

NEW POSTER SERIES FOR AUTUMN TERM : Festivals of Light. Eid, Diwali and Hanukah 

Early Years Summit- Anne's interview was broadcast live on the 28th September 2017 as part of the Early Years Summit. If you've missed the broadcast, but would still like to hear Anne talk about children's physical development, you can purchase the talk from the Early Years Summit website.